Peugeot Venom

This is the Peugeot Venom, another entry for the 2007 Peugeot Design Contest. This particular concept car was designed by 23 year old David Seesing from the United Kingdom. The car has a narrow cockpit inspired by Formula 1 car design, and seats two. A description by the designer as well as more photos after the jump.

Peugeot Venom – modular tandem sports car

by David Seesing, 23 years, United Kingdom
After reading the briefing for the Peugeot Design Contest 2007 I was thinking about how to refer to the six Keywords in regards of my concept. Quickly I was certain about the point that my car should convey driving pleasure by lively and sportive performance. That was the reason for me to do a tandem sports car. The narrow cockpit, strongly inspired by formula one, and the low driving position make the passengers feel like sitting in a racing car. For me it was decisive that two people fit into the car so that they have the possibility to share collected feelings and impressions.
The consideration of the keywords efficient, accessible, simple and ecological forms the creative and technical focus of the concept. Consciously I decided not to use an ecological power train for the concept but draw the attention to the way the car is built.
The Peugeot Venom consists of different modules, of which the whole car can be mounted. As a first step of the designing process I the divided the car into sensible modules. I decided to group the suspension and the dampers to one module which can be used in identical design for each wheel. The second module is the fender. Diagonal opposite fenders are similar to each other. The headlight module can be used at the front and the rear and differs just by the colour of its glazing.
Forming the base of the car the cockpit offers space for two passengers and the engine. The four identical suspension modules are mounted to the cockpit. At the front, the rear and in the middle the fenders are fixed to the cockpit and to each other. Finally the headlights are fixed to the fenders.
The idea of a modular vehicle concept implies several benefits in regard of the production process efficiency. By using many similar parts the production costs are lowered, but also assembly and repairs are becoming more simple. The simplicity is another advantage in terms of ecological consideration. The most challenging part of the concept was to find an independent design for the front and rear end of the car, though using many similar parts. Front and rear are defined by the strongly decreasing body shape. Furthermore the dynamic appearance of the car is supported by the length of its overhangs and the bevelled body. That creates the impression of the car striving forwards. The core values of the Peugeot Style Philosophy, style and dynamic, were also playing a major part during the designing process. The outlines of the fenders, suspensions and the cockpit are gathering at the front and the rear to big air intakes and create a strong v-shape. This shape emphasises the impression of dynamics. Following to the Peugeot Style Philosophy, the headlights peer underneath the fenders in a feline way.
For the name of the concept I wanted a word which fits to the aggressive and sportive appearance of the car. Due to the fact that the car reminds me of a jet fighter I decided to use the name of the de Havilland fighter “Venom�. Even the meaning of the word fits to the concept and its green colour. Finally I took the top view outlines of the fenders for the “m� to create the icon.

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