Dangers of Car Asbestos

Dangers of Car Asbestos
Asbestos is a mineral composed of Calcium-Magnesium-Silicate-shaped fiber. Materials galiannya of mineral types and krisatil aktinolit that stringy. Krisatil occupies about 95% of the world's supply of asbestos. Asbestos can be obtained by various methods of underground mining, but the most common way is through open pit mining (open-pit mining). This material has a strong physical properties and has a high resistance to fire, heat, and chemicals.

Based on mineral composition, asbestos can be classified into:

1. Serpentine:

Chysotile (white asbestos)

2. Amphibole:

Amosite (brown asbestos)
Crosidolite (blue asbestos)

Of all types of asbestos fibers, Chrysotile is the most widely used and is estimated to approximately 90% of all kinds of asbestos. As for the amphibole group has no restrictions on the use in general.

We as users should be wary

Indeed, not all materials containing asbestos fibers harmful to human health. Health risk factors will be very small if the material in a stable condition (solid) so that the asbestos fibers bound strongly in the matrix material. But the substance of asbestos with a certain size in a state separate (free) will pollute the air, which can then be entered into the human body.

Hazardous because they contain asbestos fibers magnesium silicate hydroxide which is a carcinogen (cancer triggers). If inhaled, asbestos fibers will settle in the lungs. Health problems or illnesses that arise are determined by the dose of asbestos fibers that enter the body, ranging from respiratory symptoms (upper respiratory tract infection) to chronic disease, namely:

1. Mesothelioma

Asbestos dust that has entered the lungs, will move up to the veil of the lungs. Here, the asbestos dust will damage the DNA of cells covering the lung (mesothelium), resulting in impaired cell growth control. Cells that have become abnormal will divide uncontrollably, and then expand and damage the surrounding tissue.

2. Lung Cancer

Mechanism of occurrence of lung cancer caused by asbestos dust is similar to mesothelioma cancer. The difference, which is affected by airway wall (bronchiolus). Initially limited to damage the lungs, then at an advanced stage can metastasize to other organs.

3. Asbestosis

Asbestos dust can also cause irritation to the tissue and lung sheath. As a result of irritation, scar tissue will form a stiff. This network will slowly expand and thicken so that the lungs can no longer inflate and deflate like a normal lung. This situation will cause various symptoms such as difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, coughing, and chest pain. In addition, pulmonary blood flow will also be blocked, forcing the heart to work harder. Eventually, the heart will be enlarged. Scarring in the lungs called asbestosis due to asbestos dust.

Impact of hazards of inhaling asbestos fibers can not be seen in the short term. Sometimes a new symptom of this disease appear within 20-30 years after first exposure to asbestos fibers.

Control Risks Danger Asbestos Fibers

Control of risk we can do of course with the substitution of materials containing asbestos with other materials. In the market there was a substitute as an alternative to asbestos material that is:

Kalsiboard (cellulose fibers, silica, additives, cement, and water)
Ardex (synthetic fibers, cellulose fibers, additives, cement, and water)
Zinc Plasterboard (synthetic fibers, cellulose fibers, additive substances, cement, and water)

But do not be denied at any given moment we have to use materials containing asbestos fibers for various reasons, so that we can do is correctly handling the material. Damage to materials containing asbestos fibers will cause asbestos dust. In the material handling activities (cutting, sawing, drilling, crushing, etc.) is potentially the release or separation of particles of asbestos fibers into the air. To reduce the exposure of asbestos fibers and short-term prevention can be done several ways:

Once again, identify the location of the use of asbestos and take into account the risks that could occur. As much as possible we can still avoid when using other materials that are safer.
Using the necessary equipment such as masks, goggles, gloves, and a change of clothes at the time of asbestos material workmanship.
Conduct the handling of asbestos material by wet method, the point of watering water to the surface of materials before, during and after construction.
Control and perform routine replacement of asbestos sheets that have been damaged or perforated
Do the painting surface of the material before it is used to prevent release of fibers
Keep children away from asbestos materials
Minimize the number of people in contact with the material
As much as possible to limit the space between the asbestos premises rooms in the house
Waste is not mixed with other materials
Keep in closed containers and transported in covered trucks which ensure waste does not fly
Do not burn waste & dispose of in a special location
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